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Mobile yard ramp/dock ramp 6 ton
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Parameter: According to customer's requirement

Advantage of the product

1.the ratio of loading and unloading cargo is high, single man canoperation the equipment, no need anyone to carry goods.

2.loading and unloading goods is flexible, cost is low. need any power, manual hydraulic operation.

4.the product can anti-oil, anti- dusty, anti-rain, anti-sliding,anti-explosion, anti-burning.

5.power: handle swing manual hydraulic system.

6.high-quality seals spare parts, the hydraulic cylinder isreliable.

7.the surface of the product make anti-sliding operation, whichinstalled anti-sliding net, will not deform.

8.comfotable feeling operating handle, the swing hydraulic system’sperformance is good.

9.fixed feet, which can make the loading and unloading process morestable and safe, and make the work more efficient. protection—fixed chain, which will stop the mobility between the dock ramp andthe truck compartment.

Package:generally,we will give the scissor platform an international package with wood or plastic material, if you have special requirement please note us before package.

Deliverytime: the delivery time will according to the complexity of the products,usually, it will cost about 8~10working days after your deposit payment.

Shipment: we will take your own actually requirement giving you the best solution to the shipment, usually we will give you the FOB or CIF price, we can conversation the shipment details in our proforma invoice or contract and decide our last shipment style.


Cooperation proposal:

You can be an agent of one country, or a distributer in one area. The cooperation style is as follows:

Your inquiry: you get the item in your area, and then getthe work site details and your client’s requirement about the project, and then send your details to us.

Quotation to you: wewill confirm the parameters to you, and will give the first quotation to youaccording to your first requirement specification details.

Deposit: after youconfirm the quotation and specification and configuration to your item, we will sign the cooperation contract and approve it. We will make sure the paymentterm, then, you will make your deposit payment to us.

Production: after your deposit payment, we will produce the products as your parameters, and give the production process quality management control videos to you at the same time.

Payment: after the production finishes, we will confirm the products details and give the commissioning videos to you.

Atlast balance payment and shipment: After your balance payment is paid, we willpackage the equipment carefully. Deliver the goods to you according to ourterms in the contract signed.

After sales: we will give the installation instruction manual book and the using hand book to you,all the document and materials will be delivered with the goods in the package.If you meet some difficulties in the installation or in the commissioning in your work site, you can call us directly, we will give you the mostly help to your project.

If your item is a large project, we can consider sending our technician workers to your country to help you. Only need you to pay for the basic salary and the trip cost of our people.

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