Rail cargo lift safety operation instruction book

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Ⅰ. Precautions when operation

If you have the condition, you can prepare the special people making the operation work for the rail cargo lift platform, when operate the button, your people should check the following items:

A.   the cargo should be put into the center of the platform, if not, you should let the worker or operation people move the goods into the center of the platform;

B. after you press the button, if the platform move with the pressing of the button, if the moving is not very normal, you should press the emergency stop button, if not, the power may damage the motor of the pump station;

C. check the oil tube and the entire oil route, if there is some position leak oil;

D. check if the connection parts are normal when operation, check if any position have the abnormal noise, if abnormal, you should repair or replace the spare parts of the corresponding place;

E. check if there is any abnormal noise about the pump station, if have, you should repair or checking the abnormal position;

Ⅱ. If the cargo lift be used more than one year:

A.Wash the pump station.

B.Replace some spare parts which are wearing parts;

C.Add enough grease or lubrication oil into the connection parts;

D.Check the fixing parts, if there are some parts losing;

E.Check the hydraulic cylinder telescopic condition, check the wear condition of the top bar of the cylinder;

F.Check the electric power wire line, if there are some spare parts rusty, and check if there are some connection parts losing, if that, you should fasten them again;

G.Check how about the rusty condition of the platform structures, you should painting them according to the rusty condition;

H.Check the oil route’s fastener parts, if there are some losing conditions you should fasten them again;

The hydraulic oil is the transmission item of the lifting power, it bear the capacity of the platform and the goods, and the oil will occur plastic deformation with the using of the platform, so when using, it cannot be over loaded, if you use the cargo lift 10 times a day, the oil should be replaced in 3 months, if one day, the cargo lift using times no more than 10 times, the oil can be replaced in 6 months, and the new lift platform should be changed oil once in two months;

Ⅲ. Steel structure problems and solving:

The function of the steel structure is fixing and lifting capacity, the main problem is the mechanical deformation with long time using, if you strictly refer to the ratio capacity, the structure cannot be damaged and deformation;

The transmission parts problem is wear seriously, the solving method is the operators should add the grease and lubrication oil according to the application frequency;

If you abide by the  two principles above, the structures will not be damaged;

Ⅳ. To protect the safety operation of the rail cargo lift, you should cautions the following item:

1.The rail cargo lift must be operated by the professional people, who will be trained by the technician, others cannot touch it;

2.The max capacity of the lift platform is ______Ton, forbid overloaded;

3.The platform is the cargo lift, cannot be used as passenger lift;

Ⅴ. Operation cautions:

A.Before start the machine: if the lift platform are not used for long time, before using, you should try the operation with empty loaded for 1~3 times, then it can be used with loading, and you should check if there are some failures or damage of the whole structure and the electric parts and oil route parts;

B.The center gravity of the goods should be in the center of the platform, if not the workers should adjust the position of the goods;

Ⅵ. When using:

A.If the platform are not stop steady, forbid loading and unloading the goods;

B.If there are some failure to the lift platform, before the failure issues are not solved, forbid loading and unloading goods;

C.Forbid people and obstacle to sit or climb or stand on the structures or under the platforms;

D.When the platform are operated, forbid people stand near to the lift platforms;

E.Before operation the rail cargo lift, you should lock or closed the landing door and the platform doors, forbid operate the cargo lift opening the doors;

F.If some unforeseen condition occur press the emergency stop button immediately, after solve the failure then you can operate it again;

G.If the lift machine are failure, you should cut the input power and check and repair the whole equipment;

H.When operation, forbid maintenance work and repairing work;

I.If you want to cut the power line, first stop the machine, then check if all the doors are closed well;

Ⅶ. The maintenance of the rail cargo lifts daily

1.After finish the lifti ng work, you should let the platform lift down to the ground level, and cut the power;

2.Anti-water, anti-corrosion substance;

3.Add the lubrication oil regularly, forbid operation without any lubrication oil;

4.Oil pump tank should be washed once half a year, when wash the oil route and cylinder parts forbid using the fragile textile, because the debris will pollute the hydraulic parts and block the valve;

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