How to maintenance the hydraulic lift/ hydraulic lift platform

The home lift or wheelchair lift researched and developed by our company (TEBO) belong to pump station equipment, so, the maintenance is very important and necessary. For, the maintenance work will decide the life and working performance of the lift platform's mechanism system.

The maintenance work includes ordinary maintenance and special maintenance work:

Ordinary maintenance: mainly check the systems' working condition and add the hydraulic oil, when adding hydraulic oil you should be careful:

1). Choose the suitable hydraulic oil.

The hydraulic oil have the function of transmission pressure, lubrication, cooling, seal, etc.  Choosing improperly about lubricate oil is the main reason about the lift platform's failure and unsustainable. Please choose the suitable lubricate oil according to the "Application manual book", if in special condition, choosing the suitable lubricating oil and replacing it is necessary, and the replaced oil must have the same function and performance to the required oil. Dark brown, milky white, smell bad oil is metamorphic hydraulic oil, cannot be used.

2). Prevent solid impurities into the hydraulic system.

Cleaning oil is the life of the hydraulic system. There are too many precision accessories in the hydraulic system, with some damp holes, some small gaps, etc. If the solid impurity is added, the oil road will be blocked, the operation about the system will not safe and not steady, it endangers the safe operation about the hydraulic system. Usually, the way which the solid impurities invade the hydraulic system include: no neat hydraulic oil, the oil adding tool's no neat, error maintenance operation, spare parts debris falling,etc.

We can stop the solid impurities invading from the following method:

A.When adding hydraulic oil

The hydraulic oil must be filtered, so the tools must neat and clean. Do not remote the filter fixed in the mouth of the tank when adding oil, the operation worker must keep clean and neat to prevent some dusty impurities into the oil of the tank.

B.In the maintenance processing

When opening the oil tank cap, the tilter cap, the watching hole, the hydraulic oil tube, you should in the no wind condition and the opening parts must be cleaned first.  Cleaning the mud of the caps, you can open the cap then dose the maintenance work (do not using water to clean the cap place and do not put water into the tank).

Choosing the good quality filter element when replace it. Clean it and remote the mud before replace the hydraulic oil.

C. Cleaning hydraulic system

The hydraulic oil must be chosen the same as the marked oil, and the temperature must be at 45~80 centigrade, wash the hydraulic system as soon as possible. And the washing work must be done at least 3 times, release all the oil when the oil has not cool. First clean the hydraulic system, then clean the filter, filter elements, then replace the new hydraulic oil.

3) Forbid air and water into the system

A.Forbid air invade into the hydraulic system

At the ordinary temperature, there is about 6~8% air dissolved into the oil, and it will free to come out as the pressure decline, when air bubble occurs, the noise will occur. The condition will serious as the increase of the air, and the hydraulic system will work slowly.

To forbid more air conditions occur the following details must be done:

A1.Maintenance and oil replacement work must be refer to maintenance book’s instruction, exclude all the air, and then start the equipment.

A2. The suction tube of the hydraulic oil do not above the oil level, and the road of the suction tube must be sealed well.

A3. The driving shaft of the pump must be sealed well. When replace oil seal rings, must use double lip seal ring, do not use single lip seal ring. Because single seal ring have not the ability to seal the air.

B. Forbid water into the hydraulic system

The oil containing excess water will make the accessories corrosion, make the oil go bad, the oil function decline, and then will make the system mechanical wearing.

To forbid water into the system, screwing cap tightly when you do not using the oil. And the filter paper will be dried before using it.

C. When operating the hydraulic system you should know:

Mechanical operation will be smoothly and gentle, does not using rough method, because it will damage the equipment and make it failure, at last make the equipment wearing or unsafe. If you use the equipment ungentle, the seal ring, electric accessories, the high pressure oil tube, and the relief valve may be damaged firstly.

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