Safety protection-about the photoelectric sensors  or light curtain installation

Tebo lift group will always ensure the customer's and client's security in application of the wheelchair lift or other kinds of hydraulic lift platform, which dose not adopt the safety protection device.

We can take the wheelchair lift as the application examples when used as men lift.

If there is no protection device installed, when in operation, the lift cannot stop to lift up and down when some people or animal come into the dangerous area, and there may be some potential dangerous or accident to the lift platform, so we design the photoelectric and light curtain to the lift platform.

Like the following pictures:

In the horizontal and vertical direction of the yellow pillars, we fix photoelectric sensors or light curtains to it, and input PLC  program system into the electric box, so when operation, and someone or some obstacle come into the yellow pillars area, the platform will stop in the operation process up or down.

That will have two superiority:

A.It will protect the one who come into the dangerous area when he or she come near to the lift platform;

B.It will protect the lift platform equipment, especially the motor equipment, hydraulic system etc;

In some countries we exported, we design it to customers, and there were so many good feedbacks to us, so if your requirement have this item, please noted to us in your inquiry lists, we will make the instruction book for you to introduce how to install it, how to use it, and how to maintenance it.

Because this sensor and light curtain are electronic parts, so if you install them outside, there may be some waterproof operation to it. If the equipment are installed inner side of the room, there is no need for the anti-water operation.

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